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HI! This is my always growing collection of vid clips that I like.

:') bitter sweet

This is VERY sad (and yes, I shed a tear every time), but it's not up here for the purpose of making anyone sad. It's here because I am a sucker for true love! This is selfless, all encompassing, best of people's heart and soul true love.

:D LMAO! Upon further consideration I think that should be :Db and here's why: :D is obviously laughing, but it does not indicate how hard someone is laughing. So, being that I have a large booty I believe that :)B or :B would be appropriate to indicate the largeness of my booty- I mean if it's big enough to get emoticon recognition than it should! Therefore, If I am indeed laughing my a** off then I would go from :DB to :Db. 
(If you don't follow the random and strange workings of m brain ask about it in comments and I'll explain.)

So, this vid rates a :Db

Bahahaha! And this is a lesson in locking the bedroom door before bouncing on the bed.

:P The following three simply make me smile and always lifts my mood!

For some reason I feel... in tune with this vid...(scared yet?!) Maybe because this is how I feel when my A.D.D. really takes control.

This version has the original, followed by an extremely cool fast forward version. It's like Potter Puppet Pals on crack!

GUMMY BEAR! How can a singing gummy bear with a bite out of his ear and a plumber crack not make you smile?!

This is the best commercial ever (forewarning: It's a condom commercial)For those who have already seen this- this version has bloopers.

Romanian commercial. :) tehehe.

Okay...This is a break from the happy. It's where the WTF part of this page comes in. This lady (and her church if she they all speak and act as she does) gets me way past steamed!                                                                  
I hope everyone understands that I don't give a flying monkey poop about what this lady and her church believes...They are wrong. But they are entitled to their own beliefs.

My problem is the way they act, speak, preach to "get their point across".
She speaks of  this being the "do your own thin generation", "tolerance" and "loving"..... Ahhhh, lady. Listen to yourself!  Where is you tolerance and love when you are standing outside a church during a U.S. soldier's funeral yelling towards their family, carrying picket signs that say that soldier deserved to die?
Pardon my language, but what the Hell is wrong with you?!
Did you miss the part in the Bible about loving your neighbor? About God loving everyone?

They call Tyra Banks a "fag enabler" (and let me throw in that Tyra is an amazing roll model). Well, in their definition I am one too!!!! And I am proud to be one!
Not only am I pissed off in general, on my and my husband's account (he is a U.S. Marine), but also for my amazing friends (whom I am lucky to have) who have to endure people like this. And, heck, everyone that this offends!

So, Tyra, you are a "fag enabler"....and to that I say "Hell, yeah!!!" If you are a proud "fag enabler" too, leave a "Hell, yeah!" comment (and if you prefer not to cuss a "Heck, yeah!" will be just as appreciated)!

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