Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cindy- My Biggest Inspiration

 Cinderella (Aka: Cindy)

I love Cinderella! Which will help you understand the several random pictures of Cinderella you'll find throughout this blog!

 As a little girl I, like a majority of the female population, dreamed about being Cindy. When life at home got hard, I'd pretend it was all okay because I was just like Cindy; so, I knew, one day, my prince would come and I would never have to live in bad times like that again. It'd be a fairytale ending. This dream I held onto got me through many tough times.

When I got married, I realized, it wasn't really like the fairytale. I wasn't rich. I still had (and have) plenty of hard times to face.  But, I was, in my mind anyway, Cindy. I got my prince and though neither he nor I will claim he is perfect, he is perfect for me! We have a balance, understanding of each other, a bond, and, most importantly, a love that many people, too many people, never find. So, wha-la! I became Cinderella.

There is a saying that women in love love to see others in love. We want everyone as happy as we are. It's true.

I am a sucker for a love story. I love to read them and, naturally, I love to write them as well. I need to read, see, and create the happily ever afters. I don't like movies that don't end in some form of happily ever after....I know very few people who do. We have enough reality and sad endings in real life.

Cinderella is the uultimate fairy tale which is why it has inspired, is inspiring, and will continue to inspire stories- in books, on T.V. and bed time stories. Cinderella is one of the reasons why I love to write romance. Cinderella is like a comfort blanket to legions of girls and fond memories to legions of women. Cinderella is why I made it through childhood and emerged only half crazy.

You gotta give it to Cindy. She's done a lot.

Plant Spirits Out to Get Me

(image from kitsune-aka-cettie.deviantart.com)

As I was driving down the road the other day I thought about plant spirits (why? who knows.... the random thoughts of me why I started this blog after all). I don't know if I believe in plant spirits, but it occurred to me that if they do I should really be watching my back.

I do not have a green thumb. In fact, I am pretty sure I have a black thumb! (Is that the opposite of green, here? I mean, green means living and thriving....and black is so very often associated with death. Of course, when a plant dies it turns brown. And at Christmas red is the contrasting- or opposite to my way of thinking- color! Hmmmm.....I'm going to say I have a brown thumb! :D
So, I imagine that if there are plant spirits I am surely ticking them off by not being sure if they exist and by, ya' know, killing them all.

Therefore, I believe it's in my best interest if I only take care of fake plants from now on. Do plant spirits protect fake flowers too? Hmmmm......