About Me

I am Heather. Hiya!

 I live here.

 I am a Sag. Or if you prefer Chinese Zodiac, a Rabbit.

I  Am....

mommy of 3 beautiful boys! (and a puppy dog)

A devoted wife to the love of my life!

A writer of fiction- romance, fantasy,some suspense! Check out my writing blog!

A dabbling editor (self proclaimed)- If you are working on a story and want ideas, input, a free quick edit (samples only- no more than a chapter- unless I agree to more on your project- feel free to ask!), opinions, etc send your story and request HERE with "writing help" and your name (first only is fine) in the subject line so I don't spam it.

I love to hang out at the Absolute Write Water Cooler , Yahoo Answers (around books and authors, philosophy, mythology, family and realationships, and pregnacy), Facebook, You Tube.

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